Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grocery List

What's on your list?
This is Ate Mar's list. I was quite surprise with the Arena, which is supposed to be Harina/Arina (Flour). Then I remember the book I found in Book Sale, all about grocery list! Interesting! I wanted to buy it but unfortunately haha next time. I was thinking of doing the same thing, collecting or try to keep all of the grocery list that I may be able to found somewhere or from people or from strangers, I don't know. Crazy.

Here's my list, I will be the happiest kid if these were all in my room HA! Yes I've been wanting to buy that Jack Daniels from S&R because it's cheap! but mom won't let me. I'm not alcoholic, I just want that to be in my room and drink whenever I feel like it haha. 

Everybody loves Bacon.

Now tell me yours! :)

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