Monday, January 16, 2012

I call 'em Portraits! Ha!

Wassup wichu!!! Our scanner is already fixed and I've been wanting to update these! So here are some of my drawings from my Muji mini sketch pad. :)

Trying to experiment with lines.

My version of Anthony Kiedis fromt the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

This is supposed to be Marilyn Monroe, but nah haha scary.

My personal favorite!!! :D


I miss you Tatay! 

Random people from tatay's wake.

Random people from Metrobank.

He looks like Spazzkid.

Will try to update as much as I can! I want to make a short film for my mom's 50th birthday! But unfortunately, I still don't have a story yet. But I have my inspiration, Lucy Izzard! Wuhooo! Hope I can make one on time before Valentines Day, which is her birthday!

Nag english na ako para maintindihan ng mga followers at mga ibang nakakabasa, hihi brrrz.

Goodnight! Peace!

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